Reasons Why Legal Marijuana Will Continue to Thrive

Reasons Why Legal Marijuana Will Continue to Thrive

WASHINGTON, DC – Even with the new administration, marijuana advocates are not worried about the possible problems that legal marijuana may encounter.

There are some people who were reluctant about how the Trump administration would deal with legal marijuana. However, marijuana advocates, activists and industry insiders are not bothered about this.

According to Mason Tvert, the Marijuana Policy Project communications director who is based in Denver, there is no reason to be anxious. Instead, the people should be hopeful because the administration is sticking to their original marijuana policy. They are going to maintain the plan which is similar to what they already have and respects the laws regulating legal marijuana.

Taylor West, the communications director for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), recognises that Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General, is actively opposing the industry. However, he said that the intense pushback is reassuring. He claimed that their group has been receiving support not just from people in the industry but also from lawmakers, regulators and elected officials from both sides.

West added that if the Justice Department makes unreasonable changes in the current legal marijuana policy they would surely experience a lot of problems.

One of the most viable reasons why the administration should carry on with the legal marijuana system is that because it brings a huge amount of money as taxes to the government. Regardless of the results in Washington, the industry will continue to grow and its revenues will reach up to $7 billion per year. It is also expected that there will be an annual growth every year of 27% until 2021.

Even if the possibility of medical and recreational marijuana in various states is unlikely to be rolled-back, advocates will not put their guards down. They believe that federal action will still be imposed on some individuals who are growing or selling cannabis.

When Sean Spicer mentioned that they would have greater enforcement, it means that they plan to strictly enforce the laws particularly on individuals who are not in compliance with the state laws. It could also mean that they will strengthen their procedures to inhibit interstate trafficking. Another possibility is the increase in law enforcement budget for a thorough investigation of illegal activities.

All these possibilities can be implemented without affecting and interfering with the legal market.

Despite the possible hostility with the Trump administration, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is still continuing with their usual business. Their 150 chapters are consistently engaging as an advocacy group in different government levels from the councils to state legislatures and ever at the federal level.

The group was encouraged because of the formation of the congressional cannabis caucus whom they have worked with in various events.

West said that when there are uncertainties at the federal level, NCIA can take care of it. The groups have been busy building relationship and creating allies with people in DC. This means that when there are certain industry issues, they can rely on their associates.

There is still no reason to feel threatened by the Trump administration but legal marijuana will continue to be on guard and will not back down from any fight.

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