Marijuana Legalization Could Boost Job Creation by 2020

Marijuana Legalization Could Boost Job Creation by 2020

The marijuana business is becoming the fastest growing industry in the recent years. Following the recent legalization of this herb on several states in the United States of America, it is being predicted that this industry could increase the job creation massively by the year 2020.

Marijuana Industry Jobs

Aside from its most famous purpose: marijuana for recreational use; it is now being used as well for medical and therapeutic purposes. Because of those aforementioned, the industry has created several jobs for growers, dispensary employees or those who are also called the “budtenders”, and the scientists.

Even some IT companies have quickly merged itself into its growing industry by developing applications like Leafly. This app and its website provide information about the different strains and varieties of this plant. They also have a lot of information on medical marijuana and its use for different health conditions.

The legal marijuana industry has hired an estimated number of at least 100,000 workers in January alone. This number is expected to grow especially that President Donald Trump is 100% in favor of medical marijuana. He also expressed support on every state’s rights in choosing how they legislate it for medical use. However, Trump has not yet articulated any cooperation for its complete legalization.

Recreational and medical marijuana is lawful now in the eight states. Marijuana business booms in these states Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Some of the jobs under the marijuana industry as seen on the website are growers, budtenders, dispensary pharmacists or physicians, dispensary managers, outbound sales managers, sales representatives, operations managers, retail managers, brand ambassador, packaging assistants, extraction directors, delivery drivers, trimmers, patient care representatives, and quality control specialists.


The cannabis industry’s business intelligence company, New Frontier Data, projects that the legal marijuana market will generate over 250,000 jobs by 2020. These projections are based on the analysis released by Marijuana Policy Group, the state of Colorado’s policy and economic cannabis consulting company. This report has a very optimistic assumption that by the year 2020, each state will already have marijuana adult-use and medical market in place.

New Frontier Data’s CEO and founder Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, described this prediction as an optimal vision of the marijuana market that shows the job creation potentials if legal marijuana is operating openly and freely.

These projections have factual basis. In Colorado, where this herb was legitimated in 2012 and recreational market was opened in 2014, the cannabis industry created an estimate of 18,000 jobs as stated by Marijuana Policy Group.

California, which is considered to be the sixth of the largest economy in the word, has legalized marijuana last November. An estimate of 20,000 jobs is seen to be created in its state capital alone if it becomes the central business region of the cannabis industry.

The Future of Marijuana Industry

It is expected that by the year 2025, legal marijuana commerce could reach the massive amount of $24.5 billion. This figure is solely based on the current states that approved decriminalization initiatives of recreational or medical marijuana before 2017.

With the increasing number of studies conducted to prove the effectiveness of medical marijuana in dealing with several medical circumstances , it is anticipated that more states will eventually legalize its use in the future. Thus, the marijuana farming and medical marijuana distribution, then will increase and rake in more revenues.

More cannabis dispensaries will be opened to provide marijuana to the customers and patients. Truly the industry could be the next mega business not only in the US but also in other parts of the world.

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