Law About Marijuana Consumption in D.C. 1

DC Cannabis Law Overview

During 1906, some elected representatives presented a law to manage drugstores for selling of toxic substances within DC. Along with many other applications, the law demanded that particular medications, like marijuana, become restricted to pharmacists who are licensed.

Initiative 59

Medical cannabis has been theoretically allowed within the District of Columbia by the law for almost two decades. It was during 1998 when there was a ballot initiative approved by voters which wanted to legalize health-related application of marijuana in the District of Columbia. The ballot initiative, the Initiative 59, is also known as the “Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Initiative of 1998.”

Law About Marijuana Consumption in D.C. 2

It was approved with a 69% vote around November 1998. However, its enactment has been deferred due to the Congress’ statement from the Barr Amendment, which didn’t allow DC from utilizing the resources for the program.

The Amendment had postponed the medical cannabis program before it was successfully abolished in 2009 because of the first D.C. consumer who bought medical marijuana.

Initiative 71

Voters in Washington, D.C. permitted the use of recreational weed just for people at the age of 21 and older through the ballot initiative of 2014 called Initiative 71. The Initiative, better known as “Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use,” permits restricted ownership and weed planting.

Law About Marijuana Consumption in D.C. 3

The legalization is not applicable to federal properties, the majority of which is in the District of Columbia. In D.C, marijuana is only allowed for the purpose of medicine and recreation. Commercial selling is yet not allowed.

According to the Initiative 71, a person who is 21 years old or older may own as much as 2 oz of weed for private use and may cultivate a maximum of 6 marijuana herbs along with 3 or fewer weeds at maturity. These herbs should be inside the owner’s main property. The Initiative likewise permits anyone to send weeds with no transaction fee.

Law About Marijuana Consumption in D.C. 4

However, it is not allowed to sell at the maximum of an ounce of weed to the other individual who is 21 years old or older. Additionally, the initiative permits 21-year-old adults to utilize or sell substance devices or paraphernalia that aid in utilization, cultivation or development of cannabis end-product.

There are no available shops for recreational marijuana that are available in D.C. at the moment. If there are, the clients are required to produce a genuine document or government-issued ID that can prove their age.

A common solution to buy weed lawfully is at a health dispensary. It is impossible to acquire a medical card unless you are a Washington D.C. citizen. However, if you own a medical marijuana card that was purchased from another state, you may use it to buy weeds at D.C.

Law About Marijuana Consumption in D.C. 5

If you’re a Washington resident, you may acquire a medical card from certain physicians within the District of Columbia. Anticipate that the prices of marijuana range from $10 to $30 per gram, which are determined by the weed’s quality.

The Initiative restricts the utilization of cannabis within the private premises. You are not allowed to smoke weed in public or inside a federal property. Public usage is seen as a civil offense, which imposes a fine as high as $100.

Police officers in D.C. are attentive to catch those people who don’t comply with the law, although there are still some people who have strong guts to violate it.

All cannabis, along with its products that are purchased within the District of Columbia, should be consumed within the state. You are not allowed to take the weed products outside D.C.

For the state visitors and new residents aiming to experience to smoke weed in the state recreationally, you are advised not to do it in public. If you are risky, use a vape pen to smoke the pot secretly.