Trump: Legalizing Marijuana Can Greatly Influence America

Trump: Legalizing Marijuana Can Greatly Influence America

US President Donald Trump has always been very vocal that legalizing marijuana in the United States can actually bring many benefits. During his first address to the House of Congress, he has presented many vague plans for his agenda for the coming years. One of these is his campaign on the drug policy which still remains to be quite uncertain. One thing that was accurate about his agenda is that the particular drugs will serve as an important policy throughout his term as the President of the United States. Below are some important key points about the legalization of marijuana in his speech.

1. On Guarding our own Boarders Against Foreign Cartels

President Trump has acknowledged the fact that these drugs are being transported into the country for the past years. Also, the illegal conveyance of the prohibited drugs in the country has not been focused on as much as it should be. Moreover, the borders will also be closely monitored even more so as to avoid the flow of imports of marijuana in the country. This also means that President Trump wants to put a halt on the power of foreign criminal cartels that have been making huge profits from those of the illegal drug market.

2. On Stopping Drug Addiction and Empowering Rehabilitation

This following statement means that the policies on developing and expanding the rehabilitation will also be a focus throughout his term as president. However, the means on how these recuperation will further be developed is still unclear. This also puts raises the confusion on legalizing marijuana in the United States will actually push through during Trump’s term as the US president. On a positive note, it seems that the President favors the treatments more than the incarcerations. These are also in fact more humane, more effective, and cheaper as well. Aside from those aforemetioned, President Trump also puts more focus on the halt on distribution of those other unlawful drugs. As a result, this lays the idea of legalizing marijuana in the United States into the spotlight.

3. On Assuring a Legal Access of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

Based on his statements, it is being understood that President Trump is indeed open to legalizing marijuana in the United States.  It is a means for the citizens to be able to get hold of these cheaper and effective medicine. This is a solution to the fact that some of the prescribed medicines released by pharmaceuticals can pose even more danger to your health. Legalizing marijuana in the United States can result to a decrease in the cost of the health care. This can allow the American citizens to grow and cultivate their own medicine at the comfort of their homes.

According to statistics, those foreign cartels have decreased in the profit. This is  because of the regulation in the marijuana market in the United States. The said market is an industry that is legally controlled. It thus gains more transparency through the control and regulation. Moreover, the statistics also show that the American consumers prefer buying these home-grown cannabis. They also have a preference to keep jobs generated by the marijuana industry in the country.

These statements may sound to be very promising, but on the other hand it is still in doubt on what the drug policy analysis of the Trump administration will for sure advocate. One thing is clear: the citizens will want to be in favour of for the legalizing of marijuana in the United States. However, this matter should still be be debated on. All pros and cons should still be considered as well.

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