The Upcoming Marijuana Business Expo in Spring 2017

The Upcoming Marijuana Business Expo in Spring 2017

Successful marijuana business leaders are gathering for the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo this May of 2017. It is one of America’s largest and oldest national cannabis tradeshow. It is an event for pot lovers and marijuana businessmen who want to learn more about this industry. Here are some details that you should know if you are planning to attend this event.

MJBizCon Spring 2017

This marijuana business expo will last for three days this coming May of 2017. More than 3,000 marijuana business leaders will gather for this event. There will also be 60 speakers for exclusive sessions. There will also be 250 exhibitors who will be discussing serious business when it comes to cannabis.  The conference will be held in Gaylord National Harbor Hotel in Washington, DC.

The materials and pieces for this convention are different from the others. Sales pitches are not allowed on the podium, unlike other cannabis business expos and conferences. This focuses on great presentations and solid piece of business intelligence.

One of the keynote speaker, Editorial Director Chris Walsh of Marijuana News Daily, will be sharing benchmark status. A lot of people are asking about what are the forecasts for the cannabis industry and Walsh will be glad to share it to you. He has been tracking and researching the financial matters of this industry since 2011. He will be sharing his newest findings and benchmark stats.

His findings are based on real-life financials from a lot of marijuana companies. He will be analyzing the needed data from his deep parliamentary knowledge and years of experience in this industry. In this way, he will be able to provide you the information and the possibilities that you need to know if you want to continue in this industry. He will only be sharing this findings and information exclusively for the cannabis business expo and conference.

The Pre-Conference

The agenda for this marijuana business conference has already been created. Everything is already planned and they are just waiting for you to join them. For the first day, the pre-conference workshop will be held. The New Investor Crash Course is a special pre-show workshop. Exclusive breakfast is already included for this crash course.

This crash course is a must-see for people who are planning to invest in marijuana business. The focus of this crash course is in mid-stage and early loans. It will be an overview of the said industry and there will also be a panel discussion. The panel will be experienced investors for the cannabis industry. They are ready for any sort of questions to clarify some matters about investing in cannabis business.

The Conference

As for the conference, networking breakfast and lunch is included. There will be an opening remarks and keynotes after the networking breakfast. One of the keynote speaker is Loren Israelsen, President and Co-founder of United Natural Products Alliance. The editorial director of Marijuana Business Daily, Chris Walsh, is also a keynote speaker for the event. The last keynote speaker is John Vardaman, who’s a former assistant deputy chief of U.S. Department of Justice.

There will be various sessions such as, retail, infused, investing, cultivation and industry insights session. These sessions will help you if you are planning to focus on a certain part of the industry. Additional sessions like, finance, expansion and sales, marketing and licensing sessions will be held on the third day of the conference.

This marijuana business conference and expo will be a great help for better investing. It’s a good start to understand how the industry works. It is also a great way to meet successful business leader who can be your inspiration for a better future.

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