Rohrabacher’s Bill To Boost the Effect of Marijuana Legalization

Rohrabacher’s Bill: To Boost the Effect of Marijuana Legalization

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is urging the Congress to inhibit the federal government from intervening against the state laws when it comes to marijuana usage.

Rohrabacher is asking for the help of the Congress to ensure that marijuana legalization will also come with various steps to further protect the cannabis industry. He said that recreational marijuana protection must be given importance. He asks for the federal agencies and departments to follow a consistent process just like what is specified in the state law.

With marijuana legalization, he came up with a particular law which aims are respecting different state marijuana laws. With the legislation supporting marijuana legalization, the federal government won’t be able to restrict the production, possession and even the distribution of marijuana, as long as it is done according to what is stated in the law.

The Bill that Rohrabacher is trying to pass has attracted several other individuals. They even created a group together with Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore, Don Young, R-Alaska and even Jared Polis, D-Colo, called the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. Regardless of the team’s effort, many members are not showing interest in their goals.

Rohrabacher said that 15 years ago, before the marijuana legalization, many people would have never acknowledge their involvement. But today, new possibilities and opportunities are emerging.

The caucus will present the lawmakers in the country with a thorough and professional presentation. By doing so, the momentum that was established four or five years ago, will not be halted and inhibited but will continue to grow.

He stated that instead of disturbing the cannabis market, the federal government should spend their time contemplating about their failed drug policies in the past and focus on how they can resolve other drug problems.

Other aspects of marijuana legalization that Rohrabacher and the caucus want to address are the banking law, federal statutes and lowering of drug classification.

When it comes to business law, people who are into selling and growing of marijuana are forced to deal with cash only basis, and this is something that the group wants to adjust.

When it comes to federal laws, the caucus wants the cannabis research unblocked and that marijuana should be made available to veterans too. Lastly, the group wants the Human Services Department together with the Drug Enforcement Agency to lower the drug classification from Schedule I from its current classification of Schedule II.

All these can take effect if the bill by Rohrabacher is supported by the lawmakers. With this bill, the right of a person to choose and live accordingly, even if it means consuming cannabis for medical purposes will be protected. This, of course, should be in accordance and consistent with the state law.

With this, Rohrabacher is seeking the support of Republicans since it clearly respects the rights of the state. If you examine the bill carefully, its fundamental principle is focused on the individual freedom that everyone is entitled to.

Rohrabacher pointed out that whoever uses the states’ right argument should be able to explain how they do things—and this includes marijuana laws. If this is not observed, it will just become another useless conversation which he said often occurs between him and his other colleagues.


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