Cannabis Regulators’ Debate on Pot Retailing in Massachusetts

Cannabis Regulators’ Debate on Pot Retailing in Massachusetts

BOSTON, Mass. – Governor Charlie Baker and some marijuana advocates recently sent out their feedback about pot retailing in Massachusetts. The feedback led the cannabis regulators, the Cannabis Control Commission, to scrutinize their approach on the proliferation of retailing marijuana in the state.

Plans on the Sale and Consumption of Cannabis

According to reports, the Cannabis Control Commission scheduled a 3-day meeting to deliberate about the limitations of the proposed industry. The Commission which is composed of five members is also expected to debate whether to just limit their advocacy to pot retailing for now. This means they can just peddle to pot shops before granting permission to selling and using cannabis in some places.

The Commission is yet to discuss whether to allow selling and use of cannabis in movie theaters, cafes, and yoga studios. Aside from this, they are also contemplating on the possibility whether to allow marijuana stores and shops to do home delivery.

Despite the ongoing controversy and hot topic in the state, the leaders are still against legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey are among the people who oppose it. The opposition team also did not fail to send their message to go slow and just limit it to retail shops for now.

Although cannabis legalization is just limited to pot retailing, this does not totally remove the possibility of marijuana trading in the place aforementioned. The cannabis advocates support the authorization of a vast range of places to allow the use of recreational marijuana. They believe that not only large businesses will benefit on this but also small enterprises and minorities that lack the fund to start up their own pot retailing business.

What Would the Cannabis Regulators Plan to Do

The controversy about the Commission receiving feedback from the governor also raised various questions and concerns that might affect the action plans of the regulators. Steve Hoffman, the Cannabis Control Commission Chairman, admitted that they received lots of reactions. However, he assured that they took these reactions seriously.

Hoffman also admitted that he is not sure of how the meeting will crop up. However, he assured that the Commission will be tackling about the issues surrounding the original plan. He is, in fact, uncertain whether the meeting will come out how they expected it to be or not.

In addition, Hoffman mentioned that there is a chance they decide on suspending the legalization of recreational marijuana in cafes and yoga studios. Nevertheless, he asserted his preference to have a clear-cut timeline over leaving the issue hanging. After the meeting, the cannabis regulators are expected to come up with the final guidelines for the marijuana legalization.

Battling Against the Oppositions’ Intervention

Sources reported that the Baker administration was planning to do something to pressure the commissioners to fixate on retail pot stores in a timespan. When asked if this move intimated him, Hoffman sternly said that it did not.

Moreover, Hoffman revealed that he is aligned to committing to his job and assuring that he gets it done rightly. Although he feels an additional load of immense pressure to make things right, he claimed that everything is the same as it is.

Whether the pot retailing and home delivery plan becomes accepted in Massachusetts, the Cannabis Control Commission is still ready to make their stand. Their regulation got the public officials worried of the safety of the mass public when pot retailing starts.

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