Families Proves Medical Marijuana Benefits at Pittsburgh Conference

Families Proves Medical Marijuana Benefits at Pittsburgh Conference

Pittsburgh – Three parents from three different families have proven the benefits of medical marijuana at Pittsburgh Conference by sharing their inspiring stories on how the drug eased their children’s medical conditions.

These parents with kids with special needs generously shared during the Cannabis and Children discussion during the first World Medical Cannabis Conference held in Pittsburgh how giving daily cannabis oil dosage to these kids have improved their lives, especially their children’s lives.

Their stories are just some of the examples of how powerful medical marijuana effects can be to those who need it.

Families Proves Medical Marijuana Benefits at Pittsburgh Conference

The first family, the family of Harper Howard, a 7-year-old girl with a life-threatening and rare non-hereditary genetic disorder CDKL5, causes her seizures that are tough to control.

According to her mother, Penny Howard from suburban Dallas, their nightmare started to get worse when Harper was 19 months old having as much as 40 seizures a day helplessly.

During the panel discussion, she described how the family was a living hell for three long years, with trying ten medications of different kinds on Harper but to no avail. Until 2013 when the family watched a documentary of how seizures can be stopped by using cannabis oils.

Desperate, Harper’s parents purchased the drug online on Real Scientific Hemp Oil and immediately noticed the improvement on their daughter’s seizure from the first dosage.

And after six months of continuous dosage Harper was seizure-free up to three years until Harper surrendered to CDKL5 on January 8, 2016.

The next family is from Baltimore. The 3-year-old Lillyann Baker accidentally dropped head-first when she was just an infant that caused her a permanent traumatic brain injury. The injury developed epilepsy causing her severe seizures.

Lillyann’s mother, Cassandra, said during the conference that they had tried six different medications on Lillyann which somehow eased the seizures. But she risked on trying the cannabis oil and it worked wonders.

In fact, Lillyann is already over a year seizure-free now. And the doctors even weaned off oneof the medical prescriptions because they barely even need it anymore.

Lastly, the amazing story of Raul Elizalde with his daughter Grace and their family. They are, in fact, the first family to fight and win the right of importing cannabidiol hemp oil in Mexico. They use the cannabis oil to treat Grace who is diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, epilepsy’s severe form.

Before taking medical marijuana Grace would have as much as 400 seizures in a day while her family helplessly watch her. Raul, initially rejecting the use a cannabis oil, did a research and decided to give it a try.

Despite its legality issues in Mexico, they were able to win the rights to use it as a treatment for Grace. And from the first dosage they gave to Grace, the result was instant. From one night to months of sleeping with no constant seizures and how Grace’s mood improved.

And in just a span of two months, Grace’s experienced 50% fewer seizure attacks.And today, Grace at ten years old, barely have a seizure of more than 20 times even on bad days.

The inspiring stories of these families and their children’s improvements have provided a lot of information during the conference, and have proven effective medical marijuana is in their children’s conditions and how it improved their lives.

With these evidently strong effects of medical marijuana on people who need it, and other successful marijuana medication stories across the whole world, how come a lot of states in the US and countries around the world still don’t legalize its use for treatments? Don’t they see its benefits to help ease lives of people?

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